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The global mobile network is entering an iterative period of "4 rounding 5". As the core project of 5G network construction, 5G base station construction is entering the "fast lane" in many countries around the world. As a domestic professional industrial connector brand manufacturer, CNLINKO assists the national 5G communication network development strategy with leading connection solutions for the 5G industry.


5G network: the underlying infrastructure in the era of wisdom

Since the issuance of 5G licenses in 2019, China's 5G network construction has pressed the "fast forward button." Up to now, China has built nearly 820,000 5G base stations and more than 200 million 5G users. With the continuous acceleration of domestic 5G network construction, more users will gradually migrate to 5G networks. It is expected that the scale of domestic 5G users will exceed 500 million in 2021.


Compared with 4G networks, 5G networks have the advantages of extremely high speed, large capacity, and extremely low latency, and are becoming the most solid underlying infrastructure for smart application scenarios such as the Internet of Things, smart transportation, and AI. For example, the download rate of 5G is extremely high, up to a download speed of 1Gbps, which is of great practical significance for the transmission and download of large-capacity high-definition video data collected in the surrounding environment such as automatic driving.

In short, 5G with higher speed, larger capacity, and almost zero latency is becoming the underlying infrastructure project for the future smart era.

02 Reliability of base station communication: connector, a "small" role that cannot be ignored

The coverage and signal strengths of 5G networks are based on the coverage density of base stations and the reliability of base stations. The density depends on the current construction progress of telecom operators, and the reliability of the base station depends on the stability, reliability and efficiency of the hardware and software of the base station's various systems.

Communication base station machine room, wires, iron tower mast and other structural components, of which the base station room is mainly equipped with signal transceivers, monitoring devices, fire extinguishing devices, power supply equipment and air conditioning equipment, and the tower pole includes lightning protection grounding system, tower body, foundation, bracket, The structure of several parts such as cables and auxiliary facilities.

It is not difficult to see that 5G base stations are also a very complex system. As a professional brand supplier of waterproof connectors, CNLINKO is more concerned about how to use high-fit, high-performance, and highly reliable waterproof connector products to provide hardware guarantees for the stable and efficient operation of the 5G base station system. The on-site service conditions of 5G base stations and 24H*7 continuous load operation have determined that various hardware including waterproof connectors must have higher requirements for quality, tolerance and performance indicators.


03 CNLINKO Connector Solution: Helping 5G Infrastructure "Fast Horses"

Combining CNLINKO's past experience, share how CNLINKO provides professional connection technical support for 5G base stations.

For the base station, whether it is the equipment in the computer room or the equipment on the tower, power support is required. The power connector of CNLINKO can solve the technical requirements of the above-mentioned power supply connection; the base station, as a relay station for signals, involves signal transmission connections. CNLINKO's RJ45, optical fiber and other types of signal connectors can provide high-capacity high-speed signal conduction connection technology support.




CNLINKO's power connection and signal connection solutions have the following advantages to meet the technical requirements of 5G base station application scenarios:

1、Waterproof, dustproof and rustproof

For the connector on the iron tower, being in a high-altitude open air environment, rain, mist, and damp environment will have an impact on the reliability of the connector. In order to avoid the intrusion of water mist and dust, which affects normal operation, and at the same time, avoid the connector rust under the above conditions. In case, the connector must be waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion.

CNLINKO connector can reach IP67 waterproof level (or above) in the connected state, and can meet the requirements of waterproof and dustproof. In addition, CNLINKO's connector material is preferably anti-rust alloy or PBT material to prevent rust and other problems;

2、Earthquake resistance

Iron towers are generally located at high altitudes or even open areas. Wind will vibrate the tower, and sometimes resonance may occur. The vibration resistance of the connector is very important.

CNLINKO's connector is stronger, snap-type installation and locking method, the connection is firm, and the phenomenon of loosening and falling off is refused;

3、High and low temperature impact resistance

The tower is located outdoors and will be tested by severe weather such as frequent exposure to the sun or freezing. Therefore, whether the connector can withstand the impact of high and low temperatures is also an important consideration.

CNLINKO's connectors are built with industrial standards to meet the wide range of high and low temperature applications: -40℃—+85℃, which can meet the high and low temperature tolerance requirements of base station tower connectors in applications;

4、Excellent conductivity

CNLINKO's power connector can meet the ability of large current stable and efficient transmission; CNLINKO's signal connector, shielded structure design, effectively avoid signal transmission interference, can meet the high-speed, ultra-low delay transmission technical requirements of 5G communication large-capacity signals .

The global mobile network is in a new stage of transformation and upgrading from 4G to 5G. The construction of 5G base stations is entering a period of "doing fast", and China's 5G network infrastructure is leading the world. At this time, CNLINKO follows the trend to fit The professional connection solutions and products required by the 5G base station connection technology will help the country's 5G construction and development "speed up."

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