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Merry Christmas to all of you! Stay healthy

CNLINKO insists on independent research and development, focusing on industrial connector solutions for 17 years, continuously improving standards in ...


CNLINKO 2020 "Who Breaks Through in the Mid-Year and Struggles" Sales Activity Summary Sharing Session

CNLINKOs 2020 "Who Breakthrough and Striving for Mid-Year" Sales Activity Summary Sharing SessionOn September 25, 2020, CNLINKOs 2020 "...


CNLINKO R&D|Gather strength and build a new era

Science and technology are the foundation of a countrys prosperity and the soul of national progress. In the future economic structure, people are mos...


CNLINKO Electric|Smart traffic, we are in the process

"City" is aspirational. If you are a city person, you must feel it: Todays cities are getting larger and larger and more densely populated. ...


CNLINKO connector, fighting against floods and taking the lead

At present, China has entered the flood season in an all-round way. Since June, 250 rivers have experienced over-alarm or above floods, accounting for...


CNLINKO waterproof connectors are used in various industries

Connectors are electronic components that connect electricity and electrical signals, and are widely used in modern society. Connectors are inseparabl...


CNLINKO Waterproof Connector: Hold hands together, connect the 5G world with love

One group, one big world2020 is a crucial year for the establishment of 5G smart interconnection. However, COVID-19 has suddenly invaded the world, ca...


CNLINKO Waterproof Connector: Technology is the first, innovation leads development

CNLINKO has been deeply involved in the waterproof connector industry for 16 years, and the brand has continued to grow and develop, thanks to our str...


CNLINKO waterproof connector: exquisite workmanship, attitude creates ingenuity

Model engineerThe following model worker has worked at CNLINKO for five years. This year is his sixth year at CNLINKO. Five years of perseverance, to ...


Fire emergency escape drill training

In order to improve employees fire safety awareness, test the functions of firefighting facilities, enhance employees emergency response ability, self...


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