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Waterproof cable connector common problem explanation

Date:2019-07-27    source:admin

There are many types of connectors, and the waterproof cable connector is one that we choose to use in those humid environments. Of course, there are many problems with waterproof connectors. CNLINKO connector manufacturers mainly explain the most common problems of some waterproof connectors.

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Waterproof cable connector

1. Waterproof connector electrical performance problems

The reason for the electrical performance problems caused by waterproof cable connectors to varying degrees is usually due to the following aspects:

1. The contact area of the waterproof connector design is too large.

2. Whether the processing of the waterproof connector terminals is standard.

3. Waterproof connector terminal tabs break when pressed.

Two. Waterproof connector short circuit problem

Some waterproof cable connector manufacturers have intercepted those defective products in the factory in a partial high voltage (500 V) manner, causing the short circuit of the waterproof connector. The main reason is that the design is poor and the terminal is deformed.

Three. Waterproof connector mechanical performance problems

1. Is the initial life of the waterproof connector plug NG tested as required.

2. Whether the plastic material of the waterproof connector meets the standard.

3. Whether the waterproof connector design process and product testing are standardized.

Four. Waterproof connector application problem

If the waterproof connector is poorly welded, the following problems may occur during application:

1. Cause plating problems.

2. The coating forms an oxide.

3. Electroplating is contaminated.

After reading the above, I believe everyone should understand some common problems with waterproof cable connectors. Want to know more connector knowledge, please pay attention to CNLINKO connected organ network! CNLINKO is a professional connector connector manufacturer integrating precision R&D, wire harness and R&D, production, sales and service. It has been specialized in the research and development of connectors, connecting wires, terminal wires and injection molding lines for 15 years. Customer demand.

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