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Forest, as a precious resource gifted by nature, once it encounters large-scale damage such as mountain fires, it will take a long time to repair it. In addition, the burning of forest trees will also release a large amount of harmful substances to pollute the air. For this reason, forest fire prevention and timely and efficient Fire fighting is the key task of the forestry department.


Because forests are mostly located in remote areas and inaccessible places, the coverage of communication base stations is insufficient, resulting in poor communication effects or blind spots, etc., becoming the norm. Once a fire is discovered, fire protection personnel may not be able to transmit the fire alarm in time. In addition, there is no strong communication support in forest fire fighting operations, and coordinated fire fighting will fall short. In order to solve such shortcomings, the forestry department basically adopts the self-organizing network method to solve the problem of weak communication signal in the forest environment, so as to realize efficient and smooth instant communication.

The wireless ad hoc network is a temporary multi-hop autonomous system composed of a group of mobile nodes with wireless transceivers. It does not depend on the preset infrastructure. It has temporary networking, rapid deployment, and no control center. , Strong survivability and other characteristics, have broad application prospects in both military and civilian use.


The self-organizing network has been used for daily inspections and forest fire prevention in the forestry department. With the help of the self-organizing network, the communication signal is covered to inaccessible areas (such as valleys, etc.) in a “relay transmission” manner. At the same time, the equipment is not available. With the same frequency equipment in the center, the command center and on-site staff can access the same network at the same time to ensure smooth communication between the two parties and achieve unified command and coordinated operations. In this way, forestry personnel can upload the situation of forest fires in time when they discover forest fires, and they can also achieve "interconnection" among combatants during fire fighting operations.

In order to provide stable and safe power supply for ad hoc network equipment, ad hoc network equipment manufacturers seek power connection solutions from CNLINKO. According to customer needs, CNLINKO proposed three-core products of DH20 and YZ20 as power supply connectors for user self-organizing network equipment. In order to be consistent with their own product style, users chose the more low-key and restrained YZ20.



Why can CNLINKO's products become the power connector of user's ad hoc network equipment? The main reasons are as follows:


1. The self-organizing network equipment mostly travels between forests and mountains, and it is mostly in a bumpy state, which requires higher seismic resistance and reliability of the connector. CNLINKO's YZ20 adopts a full zinc alloy shell design, which is firm and reliable, and has good shock resistance, which is suitable for the applicable environment of self-organizing network equipment;

2. The self-organizing network equipment is used outdoors, and the conditions are relatively harsh. CNLINKO's YZ20 reaches IP67 protection level, which can effectively resist the influence of humidity, rain and fog and other special weather environments on the connector;

3. Since the plug is live and the socket is not live, in order to ensure the safety of outdoor power supply, CNLINKO provides a reverse installation structure to improve the safety of personnel operation;

4. The connection working voltage can reach 500V, and the rated current is 20A, which can meet the electrical technical requirements of high-speed power supply on site.

At present, the self-organizing network is not only used for forest fire prevention, but also used in maritime law enforcement, customs border defense, environmental protection monitoring and other fields. Ad hoc networks can quickly help users set up a dedicated broadband network environment, build a channel for efficient signal transmission in ad hoc networks, and effectively solve communication problems caused by incomplete coverage of existing base stations. CNLINKO, by virtue of its high adaptability to harsh environments and high-speed transmission reliability, is becoming an important supplier of connector product solutions for ad hoc network systems.

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