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It was rarely seen in newspapers in the past, but now it flies into the homes of ordinary people. I can often come across.


01 Market Blue Ocean Widely used


In recent years, the field of commercial drones has developed vigorously, and the market growth of civilian drones in subdivisions alone is even dazzling. The "Phantom of the Sky" that can be seen everywhere is an example. China's civilian drone industry has taken nearly 80% of the global market share.


Commercial drones have a wide range of uses. In addition to the most commonly used aerial photography, it is also used in agriculture, plant protection, disaster rescue, wildlife observation, surveying and mapping, news reports, power inspections, disaster relief, and film and television shooting. In some scenes where people cannot safely approach, drones have unique advantages.

For example, in the forest fire in Xichang, Liangshan Prefecture in March 2020, drones were used to fly to the fire site to monitor the fire, locate the fire site, measure the area of the fire site in real time, and transmit this information back to the command center. The fire fighting action played a strong decision-making guide.


02 The drone soars in the sky, a reliable connector is indispensable


UAV is a self-powered, radio-controlled or autonomously flying unmanned aerial vehicle that can perform a variety of tasks and can be used multiple times. Whether the UAV can fly like a Pianhong, come and go freely, and is fully resistant to the support of the entire UAV system.

The UAV system mainly includes the aircraft body, flight control system, data link system, launch and recovery system, power supply system and other components. As a relatively complex system, the UAV system requires the cooperation of various parts of software and hardware, efficient execution, stability and reliability.


As an important accessory of the UAV system, the connector is also a powerful guarantee to ensure the normal flight of the UAV. UAVs mainly involve two types of connectors: signal connectors and power connectors.

In order to ensure the normal flight of the drone, there are various sensors on the drone body, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetic compasses and air pressure sensors. Various signals collected are transmitted to the PLC device of the drone through the signal connector. It is then transmitted back to the flight control system through radio transmission technology, and the flight control system then controls the flight status of the UAV in real time. The battery onboard the drone provides power support for the drone's power unit motor and requires a power connector.

CNLINKO professional connection solution powerfully empowers drone systems


Due to the particularity of UAV flight status and flight environment, industrial connectors are basically used in the industry at present. CNLINKO's M12 series of industrial waterproof connectors (signal connector + power connector), with its small size, light weight, and good waterproofness, has successfully won the favor of domestic commercial drone manufacturers and provided them with drone systems. Professional connection solution support.


CNLINKO can become a supplier of UAV connector solutions, thanks to its high-performance and high-fit product advantages:


1、Small size and light weight:

In order to reduce power consumption and increase endurance, drones require small and light connectors. CNLINKO's M12 circular connector is small in size and light in weight, which can meet the requirements of unmanned aerial vehicles for connectors;

2、Strong anti-vibration:

The UAV is in a stable flight state with low amplitude, but suddenly climbs, descends, winds, etc., there will be violent turbulence, and the connector has high requirements for anti-vibration. CNLINKO's connector products have high structural strength, snap-type installation and locking methods, and the connection is firm and refuses to be loosened;

3、Strong waterproof and anti-corrosion ability:

UAVs flying at high altitudes with high humidity, or in bad weather such as rain and fog, have high requirements for waterproof performance. CNLINKO connectors reach IP67 waterproof level, which is not afraid of the above environmental challenges; for agricultural and plant protection UAVs, there will be Performing actions such as spreading fertilizer and pesticides have high requirements on the corrosion resistance of the connector. The connector of Lingke Electric has strong sealing performance in the connected state, and uses high corrosion resistance materials such as plastic to effectively resist the harsh operating environment;

4、Powerful signal transmission capability:

Shielding and anti-interference structure design, effectively avoiding external electromagnetic interference, ensuring high-speed, stable, and real-time transmission of collected signals to the body PLC;

5、High Current:

High-quality materials + gold-plated core needles ensure the stability of temperature rise during high-current transmission, so as to ensure that the body battery provides continuous and stable power supply for the motor.

Commercial drones are a surging blue ocean market. The output value of the drone industry is expected to exceed US$400 billion in the next 10 years, and it will continue to deepen and conquer the world in various application fields. CNLINKO is seeking further in-depth cooperation with companies in the field of drones, and is continuously developing smaller, lighter, high-performance, highly adaptable drones in response to industry development trends such as miniaturization, light-weight, and low-power consumption of commercial drones. Industrial connector products for the working environment will jointly promote the use of drones as the carrier to empower other industries to upgrade and transform technologically and intelligently.

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