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Electric bicycles can be said to be an enhanced version of bicycles. On the basis of ordinary bicycles, electric bicycles are equipped with power supplies, motors, controllers, batteries, handlebars and other operating components and a display instrument system. As a relatively complex mechatronics device, it also needs to use connector products. For this reason, more and more electric bicycle manufacturers have found CNLINKO through various channels and jointly solve connection technology solutions for it.



The user’s product connection requirements are mainly divided into two parts: 1. Power connection, the plug and socket are placed on the car body, and are in the connected state during driving; 2. The power supply is charged, the socket is placed on the car body, and the plug is in the charging state. Connection Status.

Through communication with customers, and based on the customer’s product technical requirements, we recommend LP16-3 pin plugs and single-hole mounting socket power connectors for the battery on the car body to power the motor; LP20-3 pin plugs and flange mounting Socket, used to charge the electric bicycle.


For electric bicycle manufacturers, what are the advantages of CNLINKO connection solutions and products?

1、Strong anti-vibration, no fall off:

Electric bicycles are used in a bumpy state for a long time with severe amplitude. The power connector on the car body for connecting the motor and the battery needs to have a high standard of anti-vibration ability, the connection is firm, and it refuses to fall off. CNLINKO's connector products, considering user cost and connection reliability, recommend plastic plugs with metal sockets, with greater strength, snap-on installation and locking methods, strong connections, and refuse to loose and fall off ;

2、Strong waterproof and dustproof ability:

The use environment of electric bicycles determines that the connector must be waterproof and dustproof. Although the car body has accessories such as outer covers, water or dust will inevitably invade, so waterproof and dustproof are just needed. Lingke connector integrated shell, internal multiple waterproof ring, can reach IP67 waterproof level (or above) in the connected state, without fear of using environment challenges;

3、High and low temperature impact resistance:

Electric bicycles will be parked outdoors. In addition, when used in summer or winter, the temperature will be very high or very low. At this time, the appropriate temperature for the use of the connector is also required. CNLINKO's connectors are manufactured with industrial-grade standards and selected high-standard materials, which can effectively withstand high and low temperature impacts and meet a wide range of high and low temperature applications: -40℃—+85℃, which can meet the season and climate requirements of electric bicycles ;

4、High current transmission capacity:

In order to ensure the stable and reliable power supply for the electric bicycle motor by the storage battery and the safe and efficient charging of the battery, the power connector selected must have a large current transmission capability. The CNLINKO connector adopts high-quality materials + gold-plated core pins to ensure the stability of temperature rise during high current transmission, thereby ensuring the technical requirements for power supply and charging of the electric bicycle body.


China has a population of over 1.4 billion, and the huge demographic dividend is the basis of electric bicycle consumption. With the further improvement and extension of my country's small towns and rural road networks, as well as the rising demand in emerging markets such as take-out distribution electric vehicles and shared electric bicycles, All indicate that the consumption of electric bicycles will still be an incremental market. In addition, as a new energy green travel vehicle, electric bicycles are also a short-distance travel tool encouraged and recommended by countries all over the world, and their market prospects are promising.


To this end, CNLINKO is also actively planning for the layout, strengthening cooperation with the electric bicycle industry of new energy vehicles, and providing more high-reliability, high-safety, high-performance industrial-grade waterproof connector solutions to help the development of the electric bicycle industry, and for low-carbon travel and green Contribute to the overall situation of environmental protection as a company's strength.

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