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Why is the CCTV Spring Festival Gala beautiful? Why is "I'm a Singer" good-looking? Why is the live drama so addictive? Many people will say that the show is wonderful. They are all big-name singers, textbook-style performances, and good at getting public sentiment points...


In fact, everyone has overlooked one point, and that is to hold up all these good-looking "golden supporting roles", which are stage lights. Without the right light and shadow of the stage lights, your mood will never go up and down.

Stage lights are currently a must and bonus item for application scenarios such as TV performances, concerts, gymnasiums, drama performances, and hosting activities. Relying on the stage lighting system and equipment, according to the scene of the scene or the needs of the program, through the change and interlacing of light and shadow, it can mobilize emotions, enhance the atmosphere, create a sense of space and time on the stage, and render a light that is ingeniously integrated with the live stage. Effect.


The lighting of stage lights changes frequently and requires high lamp life. LED lights are becoming the mainstream type of stage lights and are widely used because of their high brightness and long life. In the stage lighting system, the lighting control system performs real-time and precise control of each stage lighting, so that a series of lighting fixtures can show brilliant and colorful lighting effects. In such a process, two types of connector applications are involved. One is the power connector. The electric cabinet supplies power to each lamp; the second is the signal connector. In the process of the light control system outputting light adjustment signals to control the brightness, color, and time node of a certain action, it is used to transmit control signals.


LED application field is the advantage field of CNLINKO industrial waterproof connector. Therefore, CNLINKO's professional connection solutions, such as LP-20, YF-24, YT-RJ45 and other products, have been adopted by many stage lighting manufacturers and renters for use in LED stage lighting systems. CNLINKO's professional connector products not only have advantages in cost, but also have strong competitiveness in product performance, tolerance, and matching, which can fully meet the technical requirements of stage lighting system hardware.




1. No fear of frequent transitions: plug-in and quick-installation, securely locked

Many stage lights are owned by leasers and are used for concerts, performances and other activities. Frequent transitions are a very prominent performance. For this reason, the connector must be able to be installed quickly, plugged in and unplugged easily; in the connected state, it must be firm and stable, not easy to fall off; high vibration resistance, not easy to loose or damage. The waterproof connector of Lingke Electric adopts a snap-type plug-in structure design, one-handed operation, simple and fast, firm locking, good contact, high-strength structure, no fear of high amplitude vibration.

2. Rain and fog weather have little effect: high protection level

Outdoor stage, the weather is changeable, waterproof and moisture-proof is a rigid demand for the hardware of the stage lighting system. Lingke Electric’s waterproof aviation plugs and sockets are designed in accordance with strict industrial protection standards to minimize gaps and achieve tight waterproofing at the gaps. The protection level can reach IP67 or higher. It can effectively avoid the intrusion of liquid and solid objects to ensure that the stage lighting system is in a special Reliable and stable operation in the environment.

3. The lighting changes rapidly: the control signal refuses to delay

The lighting of the stage light can be described as changing rapidly, so the fidelity, high speed, delay and other aspects of the control signal are strictly required, so as to ensure that the stage effect is uniform and accurate. CNLINKO's waterproof aviation plugs and sockets are designed with anti-interference shielding structure and have electromagnetic compatibility, which helps to reduce crosstalk and maintain signal integrity, and can transmit signals at high speed.

4. Large current stable transmission: effectively respond to temperature rise

CNLINKO's power connector has a high-strength conductivity pin core, which effectively responds to changes in temperature caused by current. Under the high current power supply of stage lights, it is safer, more reliable and stable.

With the development of the trend of the times and the continuous innovation and change of stage art, the demand for stage lighting system will not only continue to rise, but also higher requirements will be put forward in terms of performance, reliability, and convenience of stage lighting. As a domestic professional industrial waterproof connector brand manufacturer, CNLINKO has successful and rich connection solutions and product experience in the application of LED stage lights. Now we are focusing on miniaturization, high performance, humanization, safety and reliability of connectors. Continue to cultivate, use products with more market influence to serve stage light manufacturers and leasers and other partners, and unleash the power of Lingke for the prosperity of stage art.

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