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In the automation control system, there is a very important component, which acts as a link to transform electrical signals into execution actions.

It is the servo motor.

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01Servo motors are widely used in all walks of life

In the automation control system, the servo motor is the actuator. It can convert the received electrical signal into the torque and speed on the motor shaft to drive the movement of the control object. It can control the speed and the position accuracy is very accurate. It is widely used in automation equipment in many industries.

Industries such as machinery industry, printing industry, medical industry, food industry, textile industry, elevator industry, robotics, laser equipment and other industries are all application areas that servo motors radiate. The equipment relies on servo motors to achieve technical requirements such as precise motion, high-precision processing, high efficiency, and high reliability.

02High-reliability connector: assist servo motor to move accurately

Servo motor refers to an engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in a servo system. It is an auxiliary motor indirect speed change device. Servo motors mainly rely on pulses for positioning. When receiving a pulse current, they will rotate a corresponding angle corresponding to the pulse, so as to achieve precise rotation. In addition, it also has an encoder for real-time proofreading and adjustment, so that the servo motor can perform actions with extremely high precision.

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As one of the most important component roles in industrial and automation application scenarios, servo motors will also use industrial connectors. In the power supply of the servo motor, it is used to connect the power supply and the servo motor brake to realize the electric energy input in the normal operation of the motor; the pulse signal is input to the motor controller, and a signal connector can be used.


03 CNLINKO interconnection solutions and products: Servo motor selection

CNLINKO's LP12-3 core or 4-core product can be used for the power connection of the power supply and the servo motor brake; the LP12 5-core/7 core or LP16-RJ45 product can be used for the signal connector of the servo motor.

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LP12 series & RJ45

CNLINKO's interconnection solutions and products for servo motors (partial)

1. Anti-vibration, no looseness

The servo motor itself outputs torque and speed. Vibration is normal. In addition, the vibration of the equipment itself is superimposed under the power unit, which is a rigid demand for anti-vibration. CNLINKO's industrial connectors adopt spring-loaded snap-locking connection, which is quick to install and firm in connection, and can still be as solid as a rock under high-frequency vibration.


2. Waterproof, oil-proof and anti-corrosion

Servo motors are mostly used in industrial scenes and have stringent requirements for water, oil, and corrosion resistance. For example, precision machine tools will use cutting fluid, lubricating oil, etc., so the possibility of being invaded by water, oil, and liquid is extremely high. CNLINKO waterproof connector, IP67 protection level, corrosion-resistant alloy or PBT polymer material, without fear of water, liquid, industrial corrosion environment challenges.

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3. Excellent signal transmission ability

High-frequency and fluctuating pulse signals have high requirements for signal transmission and anti-interference capabilities. CNLINKO's connectors use imported high-quality contacts and matching high-conductivity wires, which transmit ultra-fast and no delay; electronic equipment, especially large or complex equipment, has many electromagnetic signals. CNLINKO connectors are anti-electromagnetic interference The structure processing effectively guarantees the purity and fidelity of the signal.


4. Miniaturization of the connector

CNLINKO's M12 circular waterproof connector is lighter and more compact, especially for high-precision small equipment. If you want to "shrink the waist", you "must lose weight."

For this reason, each component must be miniaturized and the layout must be compact. CNLINKO's M12 waterproof connector has a miniaturized appearance, which makes the available space around the motor larger, frees up more wiring space, improves equipment performance, and brings more innovation space for users' designers.


04High performance, light weight, customization: service intelligence, automation

Servo motors are used in all equipment that involves power sources and has rigid requirements for accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. As an executive element in the entire control system, whether it can execute system instructions efficiently, in addition to its own product quality, peripheral components are also key factors. As a key peripheral component of the servo motor, whether the connector can adapt to the service conditions of the industrial environment and the technical indicators of the motor is also a key factor.

CNLINKO, in response to the current servo motor's requirements for connectors in terms of high performance, miniaturization, light weight, customization, etc., through optimizing product structure design and expanding product series, as well as high-efficiency and high-level customized service system, it can fully meet the needs of all walks of life. The demand for waterproof connectors of hardware equipment such as intelligent equipment and automation equipment in various industries. Serving intelligent and automated equipment, and advancing the dream of making the country a strong country, has always been the surging motivation of CNLINKO's heart, and it is also the enterprise that CNLINKO has been practicing.

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