With the vast universe and the vast stars, mankind has never stopped exploring the universe. Looking back on the journey of mankind's exploration of the universe is also fruitful. Both the Mars and the Moon have left the mark of human exploration, and the construction and operation of the space station has never stopped. This year, the Chinese space station has also been manned in orbit, and the achievements are also shining galaxies. Of course, all the achievements of mankind in exploring the universe are inextricably linked to the observatory's tireless observation and research.



The observatory is an important means and platform for mankind to explore and understand the vast universe. As the observatory has extremely strict requirements on the surrounding environment, most of the observatories in the world are built in mountains and wild forests, which is convenient for astronomical observation and astronomical research. At present, the observatory is mainly divided into three types: optical observatory, radio observatory and space observatory. Optical astronomy observatory is mainly used for astrophysics research; radio astronomy observatory is mainly used for radio astronomy research; space astronomy observatory is mainly used for space observation of artificial satellites. For example, the China Skyeye Observatory is a radio astronomical observatory, one of the most advanced observatories at present. It is said that the Skyeye can explore the farthest boundary of the universe that is currently observable by humans, reaching 13.7 billion light-years.


As far as the observatory is concerned, the equipment or devices in the observatory will have higher requirements in terms of precision and reliability. The selection of suppliers is also strict, and product reliability and adaptability are both important indicators for selection. As a professional manufacturer in the field of domestic industrial connectors, CNLINKO is fortunate to be selected as a supplier of a domestic observatory base station project to provide its base stations with high-performance, high-reliability, and high-security professional connection technology solutions and product support.


Product LP20 suitable for base station projects such as the observatory


CNLINKO can be used in the LP20 three-core power connector product of the observatory base station project. It is used on the power supply equipment of the base station to provide power connection input for the devices of the base station. The above-mentioned CNLINKO power connector ensures that the base station can operate continuously, stably, reliably and safely for a long time in the process of stably providing large current and large voltage input.


Through user feedback, CNLINKO's above power connector has shown advantages in supplying power to the observatory base station, and fully meets the user's requirements under on-site service conditions:


1. Excellent waterproof performance

The observatories are basically located in mountainous areas. There is a lot of rain and the air is humid. Waterproof and moisture-proof equipment is very important. CNLINKO's LP20 industrial connector, in the connected state, can meet the waterproof requirement of IP65 level and above, which can meet the waterproof technical requirements of the observatory base station. In view of the on-site weather conditions and the actual needs of waterproofing, users can choose different waterproof levels such as IP67 or IP68. Products to achieve a higher level of waterproof requirements;


2. Good reliability for long-term continuous operation

As a device for observing the universe, the observatory needs 24*7H continuous operation, which has extremely high requirements for the stability and reliability of the continuous operation of the equipment. The above-mentioned LP20 power connector of CNLINKO, made with high standard materials and strict standards, ensures the performance and stability under long-term continuous standby operation, and can ensure the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the power supply of the observatory base station;


3. Strong corrosion resistance under complex conditions

The natural conditions in the mountainous areas are complex, the observatories are all high-precision equipment, and the equipment has high requirements for corrosion resistance. Lingke LP20 industrial connector adopts PBT corrosion-resistant material, integrated structure design and tightly sealed installation, in the connection state, it is not afraid of the impact of the external environment such as salt spray and corrosion around the site;


4. Don't be afraid of the test of outdoor temperature difference in four seasons

The base station of the astronomical observatory is in outdoor conditions, and the temperature difference changes in the four seasons, which requires the connection technical indicators and reliability of the connector. CNLINKO LP20 power connector, the main body is made of PBT polymer material, which can meet the wide range of high and low temperature use: -25~+85℃, which can meet the test of long-term temperature changes in the mountainous area of the user;


5. Efficient and safe power conduction capability

CNLINKO's LP20 power connector, with high-quality contact material and structural design, can meet high current and high voltage conduction, low impedance, and small temperature rise. It can conduct stable and safe conduction for a long time without overheating. Meet the power connection requirements of the observatory base station under long-term continuous operation.


CNLINKO serves astronomy business


As a major project in the field of science and technology, the observatory has always strived for excellence. The successful application of CNLINKO industrial waterproof connector in the observatory base station once again demonstrates CNLINKO's strength and brand influence in the field of industrial connectors. The reason why CNLINKO has repeatedly emerged in some major scientific and technological projects is that it has always focused on the field of industrial connectors and devoted all the company's resources to scientific research and development and product quality, which has created today's industry reputation. In the future, Lingke will continue to further improve in the dimensions of R&D innovation, product quality, and more application fields, and continue to provide customers with better products and technical support.