Hand in hand to fight the epidemic, love is boundless. On July 6, CNLINKO went to the Fuhai Community Health Service Center of Fuyong People's Hospital to express condolences to the staff and medical staff who are fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and thank them for their hard work and responsibility in the prevention and control of enterprises in the park.


CNLINKO condolences to front-line staff of epidemic prevention and control


In this condolences activity, the company director Mr. Lin Xibing and the human resources director Mr. Huang Xiaohua, on behalf of the company, carried out condolences to Zhancheng community staff and medical staff of Fuhai Social Health Center who contributed to the epidemic prevention in Bao'an District, and delivered condolences. As well as flowers and pennants, they deeply expressed Ling Ke's respect and gratitude. It is precisely because of their thunder strikes and continuous battles that they ensure the normal operation of all enterprises in the park. Participants in this event included Mr. Lai Xianglong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhancheng Community, Committee Member Li Aixiang, Committee Member Wang Zixuan, Director of Fuhai Social Health Center Ms. Xu Mei, and social health medical staff.




CNLINKO sent condolences and pennants to prevention and control personnel

In the sympathy activity, the director of the company Lin Zong told Secretary Lai of the Zhancheng community that since CNLINKO entered the Fuhai Pengzhou Industrial Park, it has received cordial care and great help from government departments at all levels and community workstations, helping to relieve the company’s operation and development. Difficulties have been overcome. Since the outbreak of the epidemic last year, the workstation has provided active guidance and assistance for enterprises in resuming work and production, preventing and fighting the epidemic. During the sudden overseas import-related epidemic in Shenzhen this year, all members of the community workstations and social health centers went to battle, advancing against difficulties, actively fighting the epidemic, and fighting continuously to ensure that enterprises can carry out production and operation activities in a safe and orderly manner under the impact of the epidemic . CNLINKO, as a member of the park enterprise, thanks and thanks the government and community workstations for their contributions.


Director Mr. Lin Xibing talked with the staff of Zhancheng community


In his condolences, President Lin also expressed his gratitude and respect to Ms. Xu Mei, director of the Fuhai Social Health Center, and all medical staff. President Lin said that the epidemic is the order, and the prevention and control is the responsibility. The fight against the epidemic is a war without gunpowder. Our medical staff always charge forward and are not afraid of danger. Since the outbreak of the Shenzhen epidemic, all medical staff of Fuhai Shekang have fought against the heat and wind and rain, and have actively carried out multiple rounds of nucleic acid screening and vaccination with fearless and thunderous actions, ensuring that enterprises in the region are included. The health and safety of all personnel deeply moved and admired CNLINKO. CNLINKO organized a sympathy event for this to express its respect and gratitude to the medical staff. At the same time, Mr. Lin repeatedly urged the medical staff to pay attention to their health, take personal protection and prevent heatstroke.


Director Mr. Lin Xibing talked with medical staff of Fuhai Social Health


Secretary Lai of the Zhancheng Community said cordially to Mr. Lin that he thanked the company for its strong support and active cooperation with community workstations and social health centers in the fight against the epidemic. Only by working together and fighting against the epidemic, the victory of this anti-epidemic operation was guaranteed. As a high-quality enterprise in the Fuhai area, CNLINKO has made contributions to the economic and social development of the region. Subsequent communities will give more help and support in party building and corporate economic activities to help regional enterprises develop better.

Ms. Xu Mei, director of the Fuhai Social Health Center, expressed her gratitude to President Lin and his entourage for their condolences. Director Xu said that protecting the health and safety of the people and doing a good job in the prevention and control of the street epidemic are the responsibility of social health. We will continue to work with the enterprises in the park to jointly prevent and control the epidemic, and escort the production and operation of the enterprise. At the same time, Director Xu thanked CNLINKO for its concern and condolences to social health medical staff, and said that follow-up will provide support and help for CNLINKO's corporate employees' health knowledge training.


Group photo of condolences personnel


Finally, the director of the company, Mr. Lin Xibing and the director of human resources, Mr. Huang Xiaohua, took a group photo with Zhancheng community staff and medical staff of Fuhai Social Health Center.


CNLINKO, as a national brand of industrial connectors, always takes corporate responsibility and social responsibility in its heart and puts it into action. Since the outbreak of this epidemic, CNLINKO has always been concerned about the front-line staff of epidemic prevention and control who are sticking to the front line and sticking to the fight against the epidemic. This activity of sending condolences to community epidemic prevention and control personnel is CNLINKO paying tribute to the heroic epidemic prevention and control personnel, offering a love, making a contribution to fulfilling the social responsibility and responsibility of a company Practical actions. We believe that if enterprises and society, individuals and collectives work together to build a solid epidemic prevention front, they will be invincible and win the final victory in the epidemic prevention struggle.