From June 7th to 8th, in response to higher-level requests, the company organized all employees to receive nucleic acid testing at designated centralized nucleic acid screening points in the park in batches.

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CNLINKO responded to the call to organize nucleic acid testing for all employees

In response to current epidemic prevention requirements and needs for prevention and control, Shenzhen urgently organized a free nucleic acid test for all employees in the city. After the notice was issued, the company’s leadership attached great importance to it and immediately organized all employees to go to designated locations in the park for nucleic acid screening in batches in accordance with the park’s arrangements.

After receiving this notice, the employees of the company all praised the government's vigorous and meticulous actions. The measures of nucleic acid testing for all employees are to not let go of any potential risks. For this reason, with great enthusiasm and sense of participation, everyone actively went to the scene to queue up for nucleic acid testing.


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Our CNLINKO partners are queuing in order...

In front of the inspection point set up by the gate of the park, people waiting for inspection lined up in a long line. Under the guidance of the staff, our employees are scanning codes for inspection in an orderly manner. Although the weather is very hot and the waiting is hard, CNLINKO people are undergoing nucleic acid screening patiently and orderly.

In fact, there are people who have worked harder than us at the scene, that is, the nurses who are wrapped in airtight protective clothing and the staff who are roasting under the summer flames. Because of their dedication, nucleic acid testing for all employees can be completed as quickly as possible.


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CNLINKO’s friends are undergoing nucleic acid testing

We don’t know when the global epidemic will end, and the potential risks of our country are always on the lookout, but everyone is no longer panicked like when the epidemic first broke out early last year, but more positive and optimistic and rational, because we believe in the government Under the careful prevention and control of the virus and scientific epidemic prevention, with the rapid advancement of vaccination, everything will be wiped out in the beginning.

CNLINKO, as a responsible and responsible company, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic last year, the company has closely followed the government's requirements and has implemented various anti-epidemic policies in a normal and unrelenting manner to serve the overall situation of the country's epidemic prevention.

CNLINKO knows that a "zero epidemic" environment is an important guarantee for a company to move forward and develop steadily.

On the one hand, if the external epidemic continues uninterrupted, it will inevitably lead to the occurrence of "fire at the city gate and damage to pond fish". No company can protect itself, and production and operation will definitely be severely threatened.

On the other hand, if a company's failure to prevent the epidemic will directly cause the company to stop work and production, then the company's customers and partners will also be affected in product delivery and business contacts. Therefore, doing a good job in epidemic prevention is the core task that no company can slacken or miss. It must do its best and complete its efforts.

To this end, CNLINKO will continue to integrate epidemic prevention into the company’s business management, so as to achieve both production and epidemic prevention, and use the company's own strength to build the company's own epidemic prevention line, and to provide the country's epidemic prevention and control the company's epidemic prevention gate. At the same time Actively promote R&D and production with a sense of urgency in the fight against the sky, and serve the development of the country's real economy with more advantageous products and strong production capacity.

The outbreak of the epidemic has made us all deeply understand the truth: the world economy is a community with a shared future. If any one pole of the economy is frustrated, the economy of the rest of the world will be affected. For example, global chip shortages and soaring prices are the most important reason behind the fact that manufacturers in key chip countries have suffered setbacks in production due to the impact of the epidemic.

CNLINKO, as an export-oriented manufacturing enterprise serving the global multi-country market, is a link in the global manufacturing industry chain. CNLINKO has always delivered a large number of high-quality and reliable industrial connector products to global customers, helping the development of the manufacturing industry in the country.

Today, in the context of the global fight against the epidemic, if the world economy is to recover, all countries must support and help each other with the responsibility and responsibility of a community of destiny. CNLINKO will work with domestic companies from all walks of life to drive product upgrades through research and development, increase product added value, and appropriately expand production capacity on the basis of existing production capacity, and take practical actions to support the journey of recovery of the world economy.