The landscape lighting is one of the most important infrastructures for the image of a modern city. How to ensure a more reliable and safer operation in a complex and changeable natural environment is the most critical requirement for landscape lights. CNLINKO’ YM series of industrial waterproof connectors, with its high corrosion resistance, high water resistance, sturdiness, durability, lightness and flexibility, are becoming an important choice for connection solutions for urban landscape lighting projects.

In the connection solutions provided by CNLINKO for users, the YM24 power connector is responsible for delivering power to the landscape light fixtures; the RJ45 signal connector of the YM24 series is responsible for conducting the controlling of signal, and then regulating of various parameters changes of the lights.

The main features of YM24 in the application of urban landscape lights are as follows:

1. Its body is made of high-strength engineering plastics, which is strong and durable, light and flexible;

2. With high waterproof performance, the product is equipped with IP65 waterproof grade as standard, and users can choose IP67/IP68 according to their needs;

3. With PBT material, strong corrosion resistance, suitable for  outdoor harsh environment;

4. Excellent power and signal conduction capabilities can ensure the efficient conduction of power and signals, and the temperature rise value meets the requirements of the national standard, making it safer to use.

As a manufacturer of industrial connectors loved by customers all over the world,CNLINKO has excellent product quality and consistently high product performance, which is a solid guarantee for the power connection and signal connection of landscape lights. In the future, CNLINKO will continue to assist the application and promotion of urban landscape lights with high-quality products and leading technical strength. If you are also interested in this YM series industrial connector, please log into the YM interface of our official website .