Looking at the sky at night, there seems to be a major event, and after a finger count, CNLINKO seems to have made a big move.


Yes, on July 23, CNLINKO started a journey of moving to a new factory.


Here, I remember the struggling figure of CNLINKO people


(Located in the former CNLINKO office of Pengzhou Industrial Park)

Old place, old time

The place where CNLINKO people have worked together for five years




Here, every time

All remember the struggling figure of CNLINKO people

Here, everyone

Have gone through a journey of growth with CNLINKO

The sweat once shed will eventually become your glory at some point


meeting room


Group photo at the front desk

Here, every inch of space

Have witnessed the glorious moment of CNLINKO's growth

At this moment, we must say goodbye to this place that has been fighting for 5 years

Parting is always sad in the eyes of poets

But at this moment, in the eyes of CNLINKO, it is star-studded

Because I left to run to the next station of the sea of stars

When the move is in progress: all the staff go into battle and build a new dream home


See you at the next stop in Hejing Industrial Park

CNLINKO’s new plant has a larger area and more complete facilities

Comprehensive upgrade of software and hardware to fully meet CNLINKO's development plan

All CNLINKO people

All members go into battle, the soldiers do not disarm

Fighting fiercely against the heat, bravely fighting against the heat

Everyone contributes to the move, everyone is responsible

Through everyone's hard work and dedication

Soon the new factory will be completely renewed

We will officially embark on a new journey of triumphant advancement





Moved to a new plant, stepping on a new journey

CNLINKO will take the new plant in Hejing Industrial Park as a new starting point

Upgrade software and hardware across the board to enhance R&D and innovation capabilities

Further enhance the core strength of the company

We will stand at the forefront of the industry with a new corporate image

With more momentum like an arrow

Towards the more splendid sea of stars in CNLINKO