In this November, when we are fighting hard and fighting for the new year, CNLINKO's "Forging Hardcore Quality, Exhibiting CNLINKO Style" 2020 quality competition has recently kicked off in the high expectations of all CNLINKO people. The purpose of this quality competition is to enhance the quality awareness of all CNLINKO people, implement quality standards, and deepen CNLINKO people's understanding of quality concepts and CNLINKO product knowledge. All staff participate in quality management, everyone talks about quality, and everyone is quality. On the same day, with the warm sun in the early winter, the contestants in various projects gave their best to fully demonstrate the skills of CNLINKO people and demonstrate the demeanor of Lingke people.

The contestants in this knowledge contest came from the first line of production, the first line of sales, and other functional departments, forming six teams: the elite team, the ingenuity team, the quality wisdom team, the rock team, the excellence team, and the transcendence team. Leaders of various departments are invited to serve as referees of the conference. At the same time, General Manager Lin Shunhua of CNLINKO attended the competition as the chief referee of the event.

At the event site, with the beating of battle drums and unique team displays, the participating teams and cheerleaders were full of vigor, ready to gather momentum.

1. Team display

The six teams are full of spirits, and the slogans are sonorous and powerful

2. Pursue quality and realize quality life

At the beginning of the conference, General Manager Lin Shunhua gave a speech for the competition. He said that quality is one of the most important factors for CNLINKO's survival and development. Quality is not only what the company pursues, but also what we yearn for in life. Just as the product is like a character, it is not only a criterion of CNLINKO, but also an attitude of CNLINKO. President Lin also pointed out that details determine success or failure, and attitude determines everything. Only by not forgetting the original intention, correcting one's attitude, implementing the details, and pursuing tirelessly, can the desired quality of life be achieved. Finally, President Lin wishes all the players good results in the competition and their style and level of competition.

3. Compete to compete, each show its own style

As the host announced the official start of the competition, the horn of the game officially sounded. This event is divided into two major competitions, one is the quality theory knowledge competition, including: quality knowledge must answer and answer parts; the other is the product quality practice competition, including: everyone come to find the difference, treasure hunt, let me say, you come Do.

In the compulsory part of the team, the players of each team are well prepared, outstanding, and rich in quality knowledge, so that each other's scores are in a state of catching up from the very beginning. In the on-site answering session, everyone rushed to raise their hands, each showing their style, and some of the contestants' answers caused the audience to roar with laughter, and the atmosphere of the match was extremely lively.

In the practical competition, the contestants were calm, clear-cut, and cooperated with each other. They raced against time to complete the competition project, showing the spirit and proficiency of CNLINKO people.

The entire venue resonated at the same frequency on and off the field, pushing the competition to a climax. After a fierce competition, the elite team won the first place, followed by the Zhihui team to second place, and the excellent team came from behind to take third place.

This event was affirmed and praised by everyone and was a complete success. CNLINKO people will take this as a new starting point, strive to improve product quality awareness, continuously improve quality management level, let our quality take a big step, and make our brand more resounding!