In 2014, the development of my country's LED display needs to seize market opportunities. Last year, China's policy of "excessive subsidies" to the LED industry became the focus of social controversy. Unlike European and American subsidies to consumers, Chinese policies tend to support manufacturers.



  With the widespread application of the market, how LED displays meet the standard requirements has attracted increasing attention, and related management measures have been continuously improved. Recently, Beijing and Nanjing have successively formulated the "Beijing Electronic Display Installation Regulations" and the "Nanjing City Outdoor Electronic Display Management Regulations"; the State Sports General Administration also promulgated the "Requirements and Inspection Methods for the Use of Stadium Equipment (Part 1: LED Display screen)"; In addition, the Ministry of Transport and its subordinate National Railway Administration and the Ministry of Public Security have also established relevant standards for LED display applications.


  The establishment of specifications will help the orderly development of LED displays. In the past, some manufacturers disregarded the safety of users, produced LED displays, and pursued brightness one-sidedly, causing "light pollution" to the environment and affecting people's lives and health. The establishment of relevant regulations is conducive to healthy competition among enterprises for product quality and system reliability.


  At present, the industrial scale of my country's LED industry is expanding day by day, and there are many backbone enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness. The LED display application industry in my country is basically developing at the same time as the international market. The LED display market is not limited to the domestic market, but has already moved internationally. For example, Sansi has been developing LED displays for 21 years. Sansi’s LED full-color display was unveiled in New York’s Times Square in 2011. It has become a full-color display with the highest resolution and excellent energy-saving effect in the region, and the effect is better than that. Other international brand products in the region.


  In addition, the LED industry chain has achieved a benign interaction between upstream and downstream. LED display products can be applied in a wide range of fields, including hundreds of products such as indications, signals and displays, and are widely used in variable traffic information displays, outdoor advertising, indoor monitoring and command large screens, stage background screens, stadiums Type screen and other commercial fields.


  As the LED industry continues to subdivide, LED products have now entered aerospace, medical, agricultural and other fields. The advent of small-pitch LED displays has increased the indoor LED display application market. In the future, with the technological advancement of the LED industry and the continuous expansion of product demand, the scope of application of LED application products will be wider, creating greater market space and development opportunities for the development of the LED industry.