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CNLINKO water-proof connectors cover power, data, signal and wiring harness technologies. Dedicated to bringing innovation into the connection of new-energy vehicle and solar photovoltaic area, CNLINKO provides more and more sophisticated and delicate products, enabling its products to be highly reliable and stable in a more and more demanding environment. 


Application advantages

  • Multi core

    CNLINKO water-proof connectors have multiple cores for choice which range from 2 to 24. You may make your decision according to your own needs. Or you can contact our service for further information.

  • Good

    CNLINKO water-proof connectors can adapt to various bad weather with good protection level, which can reach IP65/IP67.

  • Multiple

     CNLINKO connectors can provide a mixed solution according to real necessity, which can have an arrangement of different types and customization of wiring harness. 

Product recommendation

LP-24 Water-proof Connector

This product series has two types of power (3 cores) and signal. The signal type is divided into RJ45, USB and optical fiber with 3 cores of power. It is divided into surface mounted and concealed installation; power and signal share the same cover with different cores. 

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LP-16 Water-proof Connector

Products of this series have 3 kinds of sockets for installation, i.e. French style, connecting style and screw fastening style whose cores range from 2 to 8. The products have 3 different materials which are plastic, metal + plastic and whole metal. For surface mounted installation and concealed installation, it has 7 types for each, which totals 42 types.  

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YU-USB Connector

Integrated into USB2.0 and USB3.0, YU-USB has wiring combination and socket combination. For the difference in wiring harness, appearance and PIN, it is divided into 22 types, which is applied in industrial computers, scanners and other data transmission equipment. 

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BD Water-proof Connector

The series is divided into RJ45 and 3-core power connectors. It is applied to direct plugging, which is environment-friendly and durable. The bullet appearance design is fashionable and novelty, which also guarantees safety and reliability. 

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Application and maintenance

  • Power plug type and maintenance

    Power plug is generally divided into two core plug, three core plug and multi core plug, the first two are more common.

    Maintenance: do not use multiple large power electrical appliances in a socket Use temperature measuring instrument to measure the temperature of plug and power cord in use. If the temperature of socket or power line is too high, it should be stopped and replaced. In determining the state of the device shutdown, you can plug and test, check the plug into the socket should be in good contact, there is no sense of loosening, and not too hard to pull out.

  • Cnlinko plug and socket type and maintenance

    The air plug seats are divided into screw type, bayonet type and marble type.

    Main points of maintenance: it is easy to screw loose or tight when inserting thread type plug seat. It can be marked at the junction of the plug when it is screwed to the proper position, and then the plug and play maintenance is based on the mark. Bayonet socket screw after clicking, without this sound, said corrugated spring problems, need to replace the same type corrugated spring. The utility model relates to a billiard type plug seat, which belongs to the direct pushing and pulling type connection mode, and has little separation force and is easy to loosen.

    The aviation plug pin seat and more intensive, the common faults are: when the broken line, plug bad contact; wire broken, insulation layer is worn; plug seat into the foreign body in a short circuit; insulator fragmentation or shell damage.

  • Cnlinko RJ45 connector maintenance

    Maintenance point: a considerable portion of the network and phone faults are caused by damage to the crystal head. The repeated insertion will cause the deformation of the inside of the crystal head or the elasticity of the shrapnel, which will lead to poor contact. Most of the crystal head is plastic material, often plug and cause plastic buckle deformation and even fracture, resulting in shedding. Inspection should pay attention to the deformation of its metal shrapnel, and remember to observe the status of plastic buckle.

Industry application

Cnlinko Focus on research and development, production, sales of industrial waterproof connectors for 13 years, with dozens of waterproof connector patents and a number of international authoritative certification.


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Cnlinko focus on research and development, production, sales of industrial waterproof connectors for 13 years, with dozens of waterproof connector patents and a number of international authoritative certification.

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