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Top Engineering Research Team

Top Engineering Research Team

• Passion makes our technological innovation constantly push the boundary and caution makes our products quality effectively guaranteed.

• An excellent designing team makes your thoughts into reality.

• The prudent developing process of engineering keeps every step in order.

• The state-of-the-art of materials ensure the quality of each and every product.



• Qualified and effective manufacturing is our ever-pursued tenet.

• We persevere in improving our products.

• We persevere in improving our products.

• Automation equipment meets all the standards required in the production.

A Sustainable and Reliable Partner

A Sustainable and Reliable Partner

In the fast developing society, CNLINKO sticks to a sustainable development ideology. The maintenance of a long-term partnership is always kept in our mind. Our success derives from innovation, outstanding creation and precised position of customers. In the past decade, the products of CNLINKO constantly improve the industrial standards. Today, we always have the capability to embrace changes, capture the needs of customers and predict the market trend just like what we have done in the past. The future of a company is built on the success of the past. CNLINKO is not only a supplier but a reliable partner. CNLINKO represents innovation, premium quality and sustainable development.

On Step Forward in Innovation

On Step Forward in Innovation

Our capability of innovation is a natural accumulation of our long-term experience. CNLINKO constantly employs high-end materials and standardized procedures to continuously bring about unique products and solutions and set the new industrial standards across the world. In the sphere of researching, CNLINKO tirelessly make efforts to provide more value-added and innovative products to our customers.

Quality-The Long Term Added Value

Quality-The Long Term Added Value

High-quality staff, advanced technology equipment and standardized production procedures assures the best quality of products. All the products provided by CNLINKO to its clients are in line with the high-quality requirements. We constantly employ premium production materials and conduct reliable production procedures to guarantee the quality of products and provide top quality products. CNLINKO keeps improving its management system, specifies its work procedures and conducts strict quality control in all the production procedures as well as constantly makes improvements. For all these efforts, we keep a high level of satisfaction rate of clients. For the combined influence of reliable, innovative and high-quality products, we have created tangible benefits to our clients.

 Brand Strength

The products from CNLINKO are reliable

The products from CNLINKO are reliable. In the endeavors to achieve progress, CNLINKO still strives for the better self. We guarantee the quality of each product. The slotting and plugging equipment of CNLINKO meets relevant national and international standards. For the specialty of certain countries, not every product can withstand the test of international certification.




The marketing and sales network of CNLINKO cover the whole world.

After over a decade of efforts, CNLINKO has built a good marketing network and kept upgrading and expanding...


  •  High-tech enterprise High-tech enterprise
  • Shenzhen connector industry director unit Shenzhen connector industry director unit
  • Electronic equipment, the most innovative potential award Electronic equipment, the most innovative potential award
  • Love enterprise Love enterprise

Franchise introduction

Distribution Requirements:

1,Our distributors shall have certain basic knowledge of the products of CNLINKO. They shall be equipped with marketing and sales experience in aviation plugs and a certain foundation of funds.

2, The company shall be registered or a shop is the basic threshold.

3, The location of the shop: it should be located in the electronics market in first or second tier cities or other business zones suitable for the development of the products.

4, The requirements for the shop: the area shall be no less than 5㎡.

4, Shop Image: Unified in accordance with the company's design props display.

5, The exterior of the shop: it shall display all the props under the unified requirement of the enterprise.

6, The distributor shall actively cooperate with the enterprise to market, promulgate the brands and promote products.

Distribution Advantages:

The enterprise will give the following support to our authorized distributors:

① The enterprise will provide well designed props and samples of products for free.

② The enterprise will provide systematic training for free.

③ The enterprise will dispatch product brochures and promotion pictures for free.

④ The enterprise will provide promotion schemes for free.

⑤ The enterprise will provide professional customer service to follow up orders, distribute goods and provide follow-up service.

⑥ Besides regular promotions, media promotion is supported by the enterprise to provide our distributors with online free promotions like WeChat, official website and so on.

CNLINKO Distribution Basic Process Description:


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