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    We stick to innovation and excellence.


    Insist on innovation and quality.

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    Safe, High Efficient, Cost-Effective and Quality


    Make clients, staff and enterprise satisfy.

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    of FIRST

    Faith Integrity Responsibility Service

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    of Enterprise

    Forge a well-known brand in industrial connectors.

Service Ideology

Service Tenet

If a question is raised, it must be replied. If a complaint is made, a solution must be given. We serve our clients and we serve them immediately and quickly. The above-mentioned requirements are constantly observed by CNLINKO’s service departments and Franchisees. We are strict with ourselves and keep on moving forward.

All the requirements make our service team excellent.

based on which we provide “quality, fast and satisfactory” service.



Service Objective

“Before you have thought of it, we have done it. “ This is an expectation for ourselves and the objective for us to fight for. Perfection is beyond our reach but we can resolve all your considerations and worries. Whenever you find any problem, we will provide a satisfactory solution at your hand.

CNLINKO has an experienced and professional after-sales service team with specialized skills in connector application. They are excelled at what they do and boast the virtue of fast response, warmness and good attitude. When our numerous clients choose CNLINKO, they have a strong technological back.

After-sales service


凌科 CNLINKO Waterproof Connector

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