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CNLINKO 2020 "Who Breaks Through in the Mid-Year and Struggles" Sales Activity Summary Sharing Session

Date:2020-09-30    source:admin

CNLINKO's 2020 "Who Breakthrough and Striving for Mid-Year" Sales Activity Summary Sharing Session

On September 25, 2020, CNLINKO's 2020 "Who Breakthrough in Mid-Year and Struggle" sales activity summary sharing meeting was successfully held at the company headquarters. The chairman of the company Lin Shunhua and relevant leaders attended the meeting. The meeting made a detailed analysis of the company's sales targets and market data in the first half of the year, and commended outstanding employees who performed well in the event.

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We are united to embrace change, and steadily go beyond one step forward

The meeting officially started with the loud sound of the national anthem. Chairman Lin Shunhua gave an opening speech on this event.

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Mr. Lin first expressed his sincere gratitude to all employees of the company. He said: 2020 is an extraordinary year, the outside world is complex and changeable, and CNLINKO's ability to deal with changes and maintain the overall stable development is closely related to everyone's joint efforts. . Faced with many concerns about the resumption of production and work and the unpredictable market environment, CNLINKO not only guaranteed the health and safety of every employee, but also defeated the epidemic and the harsh market environment. He was also grateful.

In response to the summary of this mid-year activity, Mr. Lin praised outstanding representatives who successfully achieved the targets and even exceeded expectations. He also encouraged the employees who are still working hard and emphasized the importance of a sense of purpose. Mr. Lin pointed out that all the sales elites present, including the other employees of CNLINKO, have their own dreams, whether it is big or small, whether it is related to individuals, companies, or countries, as long as there is a goal. If there is a direction, keep a good attitude and work hard for it, you will be able to succeed. I also hope that CNLINKO is a platform that can make everyone's dreams come true.

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Finally, in the face of the future development of the market, Mr. Lin used three allegorical sayings, "Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years", "The east is not bright, the west is bright", and "No is very peaceful". This dimension expresses his confidence in the future market. He believes that the development of the times will not be stopped because of short-term disasters. After the epidemic has passed, it will definitely be a new opportunity for everything to be developed and all industries to be promoted.

After detailed market analysis and sales data presentation, the conference came to an exciting awards session. In order to commend the outstanding performance of the employees in the activities in the first half of the year, the company not only prepared trophies representing honor for the friends, but also prepared valuable cash rewards for the friends.

Ministry of Internal Trade: Take quality as the foundation, and decide success or failure by details

The Sales Elite Award of the Ministry of Internal Trade was respectively won by Lu Jie and Wan Feng.

The market was volatile in the first half of the year, and the Ministry of Internal Trade has been keeping up with the times and constantly adjusting its strategies to achieve its goals. The quality of products is fundamental. It is the insistence of colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Trade to fully understand customer needs, solve customer problems, and impress customers with professionalism and details.

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Lu Jie, the award-winning representative of the Ministry of Internal Trade, said: Relatively speaking, the domestic trade department has more time and opportunities to contact customers. First of all, he has absolute confidence in the company's products. Normally, keeping in touch with customers, understanding their industry, and constantly learning and analyzing the real needs of customers, working hard to improve their professional capabilities and providing customers with targeted solutions are the keys to gaining customer trust. During this period, the help of various departments of the company is indispensable, and unity is strength. His trophy also embodies the credit of all his friends.

Foreign trade department: treat customers with sincerity and create value with service

The Sales Elite Award of the Ministry of Foreign Trade was won by three small partners: Xiong Mingyan, Tan Juan, and Tang Baohua.

Treating customers with sincerity and creating value with service has always been CNLINKO's business philosophy of treating customers. In order to achieve this concept, CNLINKO people are working hard and quietly where customers can or cannot see.

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Xiong Jody from the Ministry of Foreign Trade expressed his testimony: to be able to get this honor, we must thank the customers as well as the cooperation of all departments of the company. In order to meet the needs of customers, the work must be meticulous to every detail. Sales must be able to go deep into the back line. She believes that customer requirements for products will always bring various problems. In this case, it is necessary to keep the information synchronized with relevant departments to discover and solve problems in time. Only by doing things as your own can you gain the trust of customers and achieve your goals.

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Tan Eunice said: The foreign trade environment is harsh, and she was worried about not being able to achieve her goal. But the major American clients who made her come unexpectedly, this is inseparable from her professionalism and dedication to clients in her daily work. Through this time, she will persist in this sincerity and persistence in her future work. Never give up, you can see hope.

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Tang Tom, who won the award for the first time, told his little story about getting along with Indian customers. Amidst the laughter of his friends, he said very seriously: "I treat every customer as my friend, no matter he is from Where." Growing up with customers and achieving mutual success, we see in him the sincerity and dedication of CNLINKO people.

Marketing Department: Dare to innovate and respond flexibly

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Clear and active thinking, active response to market changes, daring to innovate, making correct decisions, satisfying market supply and demand, and ensuring the healthy and healthy development of platform operations are the basic requirements of the marketing department for their work.


Huang Xiaoxia won the pioneering elite award from the marketing department. This is her second time on the podium. She said excitedly that this honor is indispensable to the trust of the leaders and also comes from the support of sales colleagues. In order to achieve the goal of the second event, in the face of the data from the early stage of the event, she proposed adjustments to the work layout on the e-commerce platform and received support. It is precisely because of this adjustment that the smooth development of the event is guaranteed.

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At the end of the meeting, all the participants took a group photo. CNLINKO people will adhere to the ingenuity spirit of taking quality as life, provide customers with warm and high-quality services, continue to struggle, and forge ahead! I hope CNLINKO people who are struggling will be runners on the road to pursue their dreams. In the future, continue to overcome obstacles and move forward courageously!

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