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CNLINKO R&D|Gather strength and build a new era

Date:2020-09-19    source:admin

Science and technology are the foundation of a country's prosperity and the soul of national progress. In the future economic structure, people are most concerned about not only material capital, but also knowledge and technology.

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CNLINKO, a manufacturer focusing on high-end waterproof connector solutions, focuses on the creation of core competitiveness. It is well-known in the country and has a good brand reputation. It is an important representative that affects the development of domestic and foreign waterproof connector enterprises and leads the pioneer of waterproof connector in the new era.

They concentrated their efforts to overcome difficulties. They are persevering and working hard. They use technology to achieve their dreams! They use technology to help the construction of domestic 5G base stations. Open a chapter in a new era.

In the ever-changing and ever-changing new era, innovation is vitality. As long as we keep moving forward, we will not be abandoned by the times. They are such a team that takes innovation as the benchmark and breaks the limits of thinking. They practiced the spirit of innovation and hard work, and developed waterproof connectors that meet the needs of customers, industry and society. They are CNLINKO's most competitive R&D team.

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(New product development seminar of CNLINKO R&D team)

1. New 5G opportunities, one step ahead

Communication infrastructure is the "highway" in the era of information and Internet, which provides infrastructure support for the digital economy. It is a must for countries in the world to develop high technology and ensure strategic security. In the future, 5G will drive a trillion-level downstream economic value with trillion-dollar investments, and become the key to competition among major powers. China and the United States will battle here on the top of a new generation of information technology. Accelerating the construction of new 5G infrastructure, promoting the integrated development of 5G and industrial Internet, Internet of Vehicles, artificial intelligence and other vertical industry applications, and accelerating the formation of a 5G innovation ecosystem are China's 5G construction goals.

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(CNLINKO engineers carefully draw products)

At the end of 2019, a key user put forward a demand for a power connector. Since the product is a new research and development structure, the customer needs to optimize the waterproof and internal structure on the basis of the product. After receiving the business requirements, CNLINKO R&D department immediately set up a project team to optimize products around the clock, negotiate with sales engineers and customers at all times, and often follow up part trial assembly late at night, and discuss plans with leading experts. After constant exploration and verification, improvements were made after failures, improvements and optimizations were made, and finally several key issues such as waterproofing, transmission stability and assembly were solved. Finally, a reliable design plan was put forward on schedule to meet user needs. After the product is sampled and confirmed, it is quickly put into mass production, and the products required by customers are delivered in time.

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(CNLINKO engineers are carefully measuring)

CNLINKO R&D Department actively implements the service concept of "customer satisfaction is the value of the company's survival, full participation, and wholehearted efforts", starting from customer needs, with dedicated, lean, dedicated, innovative and persevering craftsmanship Cooperate with users to tackle difficult problems one by one, continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, gain customer recognition and appreciation, and achieve a win-win situation.

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(Application of CNLINKO products in 5G power signal instruments)

2. Help the world overcome difficulties together

Since 2020, the new crown virus has ruthlessly ravaged human beings on the earth. Although our country has improved, it has been preventing the rise of the new crown virus all the time. However, no matter how to prevent it, it is still impossible to avoid recurrence in small areas, such as Jilin and Beijing. Foreign countries are also increasing day by day. The United States is even adding 40,000 cases each day. The data is jaw-dropping. The more this time is, the more we humans must work together and fight together with a protracted war mentality.

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(Testers conduct quality tests on products)

The company's customer has an urgent need for a project, which involves anti-corrosion and waterproof performance requirements for medical equipment. Due to this year's new crown period, urgent needs. CNLINKO R&D department responded quickly, actively prepared for battles, faced difficulties, and finally succeeded in overcoming performance requirements. Strive to deliver the first batch of orders for customers in the shortest time, and get unanimous approval from users. Although the project has a heavy task, short period and many difficulties, CNLINKO R&D department has faced up to the difficulties, united as one, and fulfilled the corporate mission of "being a first-class enterprise in the connector industry and benefiting customers, partners, companies and employees". The customer's commitment.

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(Application of CNLINKO products in medical equipment)

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