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CNLINKO waterproof power signal connector used in medical equipment

Date:2020-04-17    source:admin

In recent days, China has made great efforts to fight COVID-19, ushered in a turning point of "change", and newly diagnosed cases have been greatly reduced. But while the situation in China has improved, the situation in countries around the world is not optimistic. All mankind has set off a war with COVID-19.

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In this war epidemic, materials such as masks, disinfection water, protective clothing and sprayers are particularly important. Especially electric sprayers are of great significance for epidemic prevention and control. As a manufacturer of electric sprayer waterproof connectors, CNLINKO handles the orders of electric sprayer customers as soon as possible.

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Under the severe global epidemic prevention and control situation, electric sprayers need to invest a lot, and the production of electric sprayers can not do without the help of waterproof connectors. Recently, CNLINKO received urgently needed high-volume orders from electric sprayer customers. In order to respond quickly to customers, CNLINKO went all out and put it into production in an all-round way, contributing its own strength to the epidemic prevention work.

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In addition, the leaders of CNLINKO ordered the R & D team and the production team to keep layers in check, strictly observe the efficiency defense line, and strive to ensure that the medical connector production line reaches the optimal value in performance and production efficiency, and do its utmost to help the global epidemic resistance.

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