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China International Industry Fair (Shanghai, 2018)

Date:2019-06-22    source:admin

2018 September, the annual China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Industry Fair) kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on September 19. The trade fair welcomed more than 2,500 exhibitors, CNLINKO Also carrying a variety of waterproof connectors to attend.


CNLINKO booth is located at booth D181 of Hall 6.1H. During the exhibition, the various products brought by CNLINKO interacted with the visitors to visually display the rich application scenarios.

At this exhibition, CNLINKO brought a series of waterproof connectors with LP series and barriers that are safe and stable, and are popular. This is a new type of high-performance waterproof connector with CNLINKO released in 2018. It can be quickly inserted and removed before the LP series, easy to install, upgrade to the barrier mode, improve safety performance, while protecting the product. To protect the safety of the installer more effectively.


The BD-24 series is a snap-on waterproof connector widely used in LED display, communication equipment and mechanical automation equipment. It features high efficiency operation, long life and stable performance, and is suitable for harsh working environments.


The new DH series metal snap-on waterproof connector, this series of wire-to-wire and wire-to-board two forms, covering power, signal and data and other transmission modes, is widely used in heavy industry, mechanical equipment, military equipment and other fields.

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