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CNLINKO - India Mumbai Automation Exhibition Invitation

Date:2019-09-20    source:admin

AUTOMATION of India Industrial Automation Exhibition was held in 2002 for more than ten years. Today, the exhibition is more mature and the service is more comprehensive. The exhibition is a demonstration platform for all-round automation and technology, instrumentation and services in Asia.


Founded in 2004, CNLINKO is actively developing new product lines with waterproof connectors as its core. In addition to power connectors, USB connectors, RJ45 connectors and fiber optic connectors, CNLINKO has also developed the latest HDMI connector. And can process the wire harness. CNLINKO has the ability to independently research and develop products, and the technology is skillful. The products meet the requirements of various equipments at home and abroad, and have many invention patents. We have cooperated with many large companies such as Midea, Gree and China Southern Power Grid to customize products and services according to customers' different needs. Quality and after-sales service enjoy excellent reputation in both domestic and foreign markets.


First, power connector

CNLINKO power connector has advanced fast self-locking and plugging function. It has 2-24 pins, wired and wire-to-board type, and various materials and colors can be selected to meet the needs of various devices. The installer's convenient operation.


Second, signal connector

Different signal connectors, such as RJ45 connector, 7-24 core connector and fiber optic connector, can be selected according to different requirements, and the service such as wire length and wire bonding can be customized to provide customers with quality products and services.


Third, data connector

The HDMI waterproof connector developed by CNLINKO adopts snap-on and quick-swap connection. The data connector contains both USB and HDMI connectors. USB has a variety of forms, such as public to male, male to female, mother to mother, etc., can be customized according to customer needs, providing MINI USB cable connected printer.


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