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Temperature control is a common object of the packaging operation, such as sealing packaging bags, packaging bags according to different materials, so the sealing temperature must be stable in a certain range, and high temperature will make partial melting of bag material, low temperature will make the sealing lax, both lead to waste products. At this time, the voltage output of the voltage regulator can be regulated by manual control of constant temperature and automatic control of the constant temperature of the machine, and the current in the resistance wire can be adjusted so as to regulate the temperature of the constant temperature box.


In the process of automatic temperature control of packaging machine, both the manual and the intelligent must constantly detect the deviation and correct the system deviation with the detected deviation. Therefore, there is no deviation and no regulation process. Although there are deviations equal to zero moment, but due to the inertia of the system and other reasons, the deviation produced constantly, constantly testing, continuous correction, automatic control system in the feedback set up in the process, its work process is to produce deviation, deviation and correction of deviation detection of contradictory movement. This control principle is called the feedback control principle, and the system composed of feedback control principle is called the feedback control system.

In short, the packaging controller, even if it has manual and intelligent control of constant temperature, will continue to produce temperature during this period. Then, as an integral part of the packaging controller, connectors need super high temperature resistance.

(Cnlinko YM-20 waterproof connector)

Cnlinko YM-20Waterproof connector, using PBT high-end injection molding material, the working temperature can be between -40 and 80 degrees centigrade, to ensure the stability of products. Multi core design is adopted to meet the demand of power and signal equipment.

(Connector temperature test chart )


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