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Lean production is our eternal aim.

Keep improving and we keep on doing it every single day.

Efficient production capacity, so that each order shipped as scheduled.

Automated equipment allows each standard to be extended.


We believe that quality is made by our clients.

Ling has a sound quality control and quality assurance management organization and system, from beginning to end to meet customer and market expectations of quality requirements. " quality first, " the work standards for each member of the enterprise team, and consistently run through every detail of our work. Successful access to ISO9001 quality management system certificate and product safety certification (CE, CCC, EMC, ELT, etc.) is our long-term good cooperation with customers witness.


●Ensure continuous improvement of product quality through ISO9001 quality management system.

●Stable and reliable production control process to ensure product quality, safety and reliability.

●Experienced quality management team and persistent improvement spirit of innovation.


Quality policy:

Standardized operation, continuous strict implementation, and strive to customer satisfaction.

Quality target:

Achieve product qualification rate of 100%, zero defect operation. Quality control process

Rigorous product testing laboratory

Source material support

We are convinced that only quality source materials plus lean workmanship can create a quality product. Cnlinko is meticulous in the selection of source material, and adopts the imported high-performance PBT engineering plastic source from the United states. The United States imported beryllium copper.


Engineering process

凌科 CNLINKO Waterproof Connector

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