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RJ45 LP-24 Data Cconnector

LP-24 Data Cconnector

Cable specification:
0.15m㎡~0.2m㎡/26-24 AWG
Diameter range:
Contact diameter × number:
Rated Current:
Operating voltage (AC.V.rms):
Contact resistance:
Temperature rise:
Withstanding Voltage(AC.V)1 minute: 1000V dc Insulation resistance: >500MΩ
Protection level: IP67 Durability: >500 times
Working temperature: -40℃~80℃ Connecting mode: plug/unplug
Assembly wire: crimping crystal
Housing,the insulating parts: High performance engineering plastics
Hardware: Zinc alloy(pearl hard chromium) Copper needles: Contact terminal
Waterproof circle: Silica gel Flammability rating: UL94-V0
Product introduction
1.24MM Installation hole figure.
2.Zinc alloy material against high frequency noise and electromagnetic interference.
3.Silica gel material clamp protect wire.
4.Waterproof Level:IP67.
5.RJ45 Male plug with 0.5M cable.
6.Please indicate if you need the protection level more high.
7.Approved by UL.

Connection schemes

data connector

Installation dimensions figure
LP-24 Data Cconnector
LP-24 Data Cconnector
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LP-24 Data Cconnector
LP-24 Data Cconnector
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