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2 pin power connector construction and electrical performance

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In all types of electronic systems, electrical connectors make electrical connections and signals between devices and devices, components and components, systems and systems, which are essential components for a complete system. See 《Basic Classification and Connection Structure of Connectors》for more information. The 2-pin power connector, the pin jack, has two power connectors.

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2 pin power connector structure


Refers to the outer casing of the plug and socket, the connecting nut, and the tail attachment. The function of the outer casing is to protect the inner parts of the electrical connector such as the insulator and the contact body (the general term of the pin jack) from being damaged. The housing also has a certain electromagnetic shielding effect.

2. Insulator

It consists of a pin insulator, a socket insulator, an interface seal body, and a wire seal body. It is used to keep the pin jacks in the set position, and to electrically insulate each contact body and between the contact bodies and the housing.

3. Contact body

The contact body includes a male contact member and a female contact member, sometimes referred to as a pin jack, and the connection manner is divided into a soldering type, a crimping type, a press-in type, and a wrap-around type to implement circuit connection.

Electrical parameters of 2 pin power connector

A connector is an electromechanical component that connects electrical lines. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the first considerations for selecting a connector.

1.Rated voltage

The rated voltage, also known as the operating voltage, depends mainly on the insulation material used in the machine and the spacing between the contact pairs.

2. Current rating

In the design process of the connector, the rated current requirement is met by the thermal design of the connector, because the contact pair will generate heat due to the presence of the conductor resistance and the contact resistance when a current flows through the contact pair. When the heat exceeds a certain limit, the insulation of the connector is broken and the contact is softened to the surface plating, causing malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the rated current.

3. Contact resistance

Contact resistance refers to the resistance generated by the two contact conductors at the contact portion. Two problems should be noted when selecting. First, the contact resistance of the connector is actually the contact resistance, which includes the contact resistance and the contact-to-conductor resistance. Usually the conductor resistance is small, so the contact pair resistance is called contact resistance in many technical specifications. Second, in the circuit connecting small signals, it should be noted under what conditions the contact resistance index is given, because the contact surface will be attached with oxide layer, oil stain or other contaminants, and the surface resistance of the two contact parts will be generated. . When the thickness of the film layer increases, the resistance rapidly increases, and the film layer becomes a poor conductor.

4. Shielding

In modern electrical and electronic equipment, the density of components and the increasing correlation between them have imposed strict limits on electromagnetic interference. Therefore, the connector is often closed with a metal casing to prevent internal electromagnetic energy radiation or interference from external electromagnetic fields. At low frequencies, only magnetic materials can significantly shield the magnetic field.

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