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2 Pin Ip65 Alloy Waterproof Circular Connectors , Waterproof Dc Power Connector

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CNLINKO 2pin IP65 Alloy Electrical Waterproof Female Male Circular Connector Plug and Socket


M16 2 Pin waterproof connector


LP-16 type connector is plastic and smaller size waterproof power connector,which has been widely used in:

1: LED tri-proof lighting/outdoor lighting

2: LED display and screen

3: Testing measurement

4: Industrial control system

5: Hair trimmer

Product Description:

Connecting modeLatching Lock connect
Protection levelIP65/IP67
Cable specification18-16AWG
Diameter rangeΦ3mm ~Φ7mm
Contact Diameter x numberΦ1.5×2
Current rating(A)10A
Temperature rise

10A contact temperature below 30℃
12A contact temperature below 40℃
15A contact temperature below 50℃

Operating voltage(AC.V.rms)500V
Withstanding voltage(AC.V)1min2500V
Contact resistance<2.5mΩ
Insulation resistance>500MΩ
Durability≥500 mating&unmating cycles
Temperature rating-40°C~80°C
Method of connecting cableSolder
Assembly wireSoldering
Prevent the combustion levelUL94-V0
Insulated partsHigh performance engineering plastics
Hardware metalZinc alloy(pearl hard chromium)
Contact pinCopper alloy(gold-plated 4U)
SpringStainless steel
SealingSilica gel
Main characteristics
Sealed against dust and fluid (IP65/IP67)
Vibration resistance,impact resistance,stretching resistance
socket with cover
Application industries
Stage equipment - The smart grid
Medical equipment - Server
Solar energy equipment - Ship equipment
Electric power equipment - Vehicle equipment
Communications equipment - Heavy machinery


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