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Design Summary of connector components

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Housing, contact, spacer, Shell, Board Lock and other connector components how to design, this is the connector design engineers are thinking every day, is also the machine design selection connector can not be ignored one of the elements.

waterproof connector

waterproof connector


It is the main component of the whole connector, and the other parts are assembled on it. It roughly determines the size of the connector's appearance, it is necessary to confirm that the structural strength is capable of withstanding the normal use of the end user's destructive power or the customer's prescribed test specifications (e.g.: The force required to exert the directions in the external cable, not to see the damage, or the installation of screws, the imposition of appropriate torque can not cause damage).


The main function of the connector is to rely on terminals to transfer telecommunications from one circuit system to another, so that after the male-female connector is matched, it is necessary to ensure that the male and female terminals have their own seats and produce good electrical conduction.


Spacer main is the terminal tail to do accurate positioning, to facilitate customers will connector plug-in on the PCB. If the space allows, can be designed to float: Customer received goods when spacer in the bottom dead point, terminal tail protruding spacer bottom of the length of the short, then the tail tip of the most accurate, the customer directly aimed at the PCB hole bit insertion, the insertion process by the way spacer up to positioning.


The functions of the shell include: structure strengthening, the distribution of the male and female seat, the connector in the PCB positioning, the sharing of external forces and other functions. Electrical aspects include EMI shielding, ESD grounding, and even access to power transmission. In addition to the above functions must ensure that the shell and housing solid bonding, still need to do a good shell and PCB grounding guide.

Board Lock

The function of Board lock is to ensure that connectors can be affixed to the PCB after the board, and in the follow-up system of the application of the finished product to apportion some external forces, and sometimes shoulder the responsibility of the iron shell grounding.


Customer Drawing


Connector Design Check List

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