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How to choose the waterproof connector of LED display in thunderstorm?

Date:2017-11-17    source:admin

Summer thunderstorm weather frequency, need to pay attention to outdoor LED display waterproof problem, enhanced waterproof protection can prolong the service life of the display, so waterproof protection needs to be from the source. The choice of waterproof connectors is particularly important, the current market waterproof connectors are more varieties, but the quality is uneven, then how to choose?

waterproof connector

LED waterproof connector

Choose a high-quality LED waterproof connectors, generally can be considered from the following aspects.

First, in line with the relevant electrical, installation, connection, insulation, protection and other technical standards requirements, this is the basis of choice.

Second, can not only look at the standard, should go beyond the standard, pay attention to the actual application of the situation encountered.

Because the LED industry connector design and production selection of some of the standards in fact, from other industries to learn from, because the industry application time is relatively short, many terms do not conform to and meet the LED industry's rapid changes in requirements, such as the assessment of anti-aging materials, but generally speaking in accordance with the use of outdoor engineering, but how to define, is to see the UL yellow or to test, the life of the outdoor project is based on the commercial contract of the project manufacturer or the "Technology Service Life", which directly affects the selection and design of the product material, and also the cause of the variety of the LED connector material.

In addition, the requirements of individual standard clauses are relatively low, in other words, the threshold of the quality is very low, resulting in a variety of family workshops can be produced at will, some test standards in the "Standard static environment" under the test, often occurred after the project accident, to retest connectors found according to standards or qualified, why, Because the laboratory tests have chosen standard terms and standard environment, and the application site environment is very different, such as connector tail of the M16 cable fixed to the cable grip and torque requirements, the standard only said that the tensile strength of 80N, The torque value is greater than the 0.45N.M but the linker can exist artificially in actual use to pull and twist around, in this way, the actual data may be far from the standard value, and this force is maintained over a long period of two of connectors, and after prolonged outdoor use, the connectors often end up with no waterproof or bad contact.

Third, look at the Connector factory production quality control system. Connector companies to do a pair of connectors to provide testing is easy, can also be very good test scores, but to the factory you will find that raw materials do not have to test the standard, the finished product is not required for testing, the repair and testing of unqualified products and so on, have affected the quality of the product, that is, only to achieve hundred percent qualified, did not achieve 1000 per thousand, zero out of 10,000 of the qualified. In the long run, good quality system control is even the most important reference factor for manufacturers to choose connectors, otherwise they will be "penny wise". Overall, with larger production scale, technology testing equipment enterprises, product quality control and stability corresponding to a higher grade.

The structure design is very important. If waterproof, connection and other original rational design is more advanced, has already won the human one raise, if chooses the outdated structure principle design, even if is the production manufacture process quality control is very good, but often in the reliability, the outdoor long-term weather resistance and so on aspects are not as innovative generation product more reliable.

See the Tolerance dimension control precision of the fitting. Because connectors often involve connection, waterproof, contact with the male and female, need to have a high precision of the size requirements, high-end and low-end connectors at a glance almost shape, structure and so on, but how do you spend a little time, with calipers carefully measuring the size of the connector with a large number will find, The quality of the match size varies greatly, that is, the stability of the connection is not guaranteed and the consistency of the batch product is poor.

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