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What are the types of waterproof connectors?

Date:2017-11-16    source:admin

The welding operation of ordinary waterproof connectors and ordinary air plugs has a fatal effect on the transmission signal of the network cable, which makes its service life greatly attenuated. The specific reason after analysis is because the crystal head in the process of welding to the terminal, due to various reasons such as impedance characteristics of the different, will inevitably on the network cable signal transmission of the damage, long time after use, the product display effect will be significantly reduced, it is very uneconomical. Ordinary waterproof connectors or ordinary air plugs need to be manually welded, so we must arrange professional welding experience of the staff to carry out welding operations, which greatly increased the labor costs. Here are three kinds of waterproof connectors.

waterproof connector


According to structure type: line to line waterproof connectors, line or cable to the plate waterproof connectors, board to board waterproof connectors.


1. Line to line waterproof connectors. The line to line connection also includes a line to the cable or cable to the form of the cable, the definition is characterized by two single lines or two of the corresponding wires in the cable is permanently connected to each other. Crimp connections are common in discontinuous line waterproof connectors, because of its superiority in wire-related and wire-harness-end processing, IDC is often used for the control of cable waterproof connectors, the line to line waterproof connectors have a variety of geometrical shapes of plastic supporting parts such as right-angle and round aggregate form plastic parts.


2. Line or cable to the plate waterproof connectors. In the online waterproof connector, half of the waterproof connectors are connected to the wire or cable, there is also connected with the printed circuit board, the same as the previous line connection, the Board connection is the case, but the need to press or weld two pieces of connectors, many of the card-type connector is still in application, its terminal fit interface is suitable for separable connectivity, Line to line waterproof connectors are also similar.


3. Board to board waterproof connectors. The first type of board waterproof connector is set on the edge of the circuit board so called the card edge, its development will eventually become a dual waterproof connector, because the PCB technical performance and size of the growing, when the size of the board, the results will lead to the increase in the capacity of the waterproof connector, thereby increasing the number of terminals, waterproof connector pulling force increased, The increase of PCB capacity will lead to excessive line density, a single waterproof connector is difficult to meet its requirements, so it will eventually develop into a dual-piece waterproof connector.

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