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The difference between waterproof connector and ordinary power plug

Date:2017-11-16    source:admin

Waterproof connectors As the name implies can be waterproof plug, also known as waterproof connectors, waterproof line. Waterproof connectors by supporting the common head and mother head butt composition, unlike ordinary plugs, plug in the plug on the power, and a socket can plug a lot of plug, do not need to purchase.


Waterproof connectors for underwater use should be protected against IP68. According to the use of the connector underwater time, water depth and so on, the selection of different types of connectors. Application Range industrial environment, such as in LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting engineering, lighthouse, cruise, aviation, industrial equipment, cable, sprinkler and so on, need to use waterproof connectors. Military field because of the strict application requirements, a large number of waterproof connectors. such as submarines with connectors, submarine-launched missile connectors.


Ordinary power plugs because there is no waterproof function is generally used in the household, it is known that the ordinary power plug does not make redundant description. Waterproof connectors are mainly used in outdoor and industrial areas. Specific areas of application are mentioned above. In addition to the above purpose, now waterproof connectors, that is, the application of waterproof connectors More and more extensive, such as the current popular bicycle-sharing smart lock and solar panels are also useful to waterproof connectors, as well as air-conditioning aquarium and so on is very common.

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