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How to choose a suitable industrial connector?

Date:2017-11-14    source:admin

The connector is an electronic engineering technician often contact a component, it is blocked in the circuit or isolated between the circuit, the bridge between the communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve the intended function. A connector is an indispensable part of an electronic device, and you will always find one or more connectors along the current flow path.


However, exposing ordinary connectors to extreme conditions will degrade performance and reliability, and end-users must pay expensive maintenance costs to troubleshoot and replace parts. So it creates a new connector that is designed to build a solid Ethernet connection in harsh environments that is more resilient, stronger, and more resistant than the previous connector, which is generally considered an "industrial connector".



So how do you choose a suitable industrial connector? We can consider the following several related aspects:


1. Connector type

What to connect, where to wait for these problems is the first consideration, which determines the type of industrial connector selected. Where the connectors are used (indoors, outdoors, corrosive environments, etc.) will affect whether to enhance the tightness of the air plug or to shield the enclosure from the insulating body. The type of connector determines which terminal (termination) to use and how many conductive terminals to arrange. Of course, this also involves some of the terminal technology reference.


2. Electrical requirements

When selecting electrical connectors, consider the electrical requirements of the product. What is the voltage and current requirements of the product, whether the connector can be used well in such electricity, these questions about the electrical requirements are needed to be considered. In addition, we also need to consider other electrical conditions: resistance, allowable resistance change, MV drop, maximum current value, maximum voltage value, inflow current value, characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), plug loss and EMI shielding efficiency.


3. Environmental requirements

temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions are determined by the position of the electrical connector and should therefore be considered in terms of location and expected environment. The applicable period of other related storage conditions (shelf life) and information is what. A description of the environment should also cover the requirements for shocks and vibrations, including requirements for shipping, as well as requirements for the production environment such as welding temperature and the duration of the welding cycle. The connector manufacturer says that the maximum temperature generated area is around the converging type of persistent current that the connector is guided by.


4. Mechanical performance requirements

For connectors, what size and coverage area (footprint) is valid, what size tolerances are permissible, how much of the terminal is inserted and pulled, and what is the durability of the connector (frequency of the plug fit)? These factors are all considered when selecting an electrical connector. For a printed circuit board, it is important to determine the tolerance of the board, which is the critical value of the Edge connector (card edge connection), and the feasibility of reaching the critical point. For small power circuits, the coating and the underlying material must be specified to be consistent with the signal standard and the environmental level.


5. Specifications

The connector manufacturer may use approximately 25 test bodies (specifications developed) as the source of all or part of the test specifications for their connectors. Consideration must be given to the use of appropriate test specifications, including international generic situations, in specific application situations.

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