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Why Waterproof Connectors Are Widely Used?

Date:2017-11-11    source:admin

The biggest advantage of waterproof connectors is waterproof, so that connectors can be applied to a wider and more demanding working environment, such as AMP car connectors and connectors for extreme environmental applications. General waterproof connectors have two kinds:

Itself design process waterproof  

Connectors have a matching waterproof plug/plugging, play a waterproof role

Waterproof connectors are used in water work with waterproof function of electronic components, Waterproof Connectors they can be placed inside the power cord, network cable, etc., not only to provide normal and safe and reliable power supply, signal transmission, the most important is also the most characteristic role is to play a good waterproof dust-proof effect.

At present, Waterproof Connectors the main evaluation standard of waterproof connectors is based on IP waterproof grade standard. See waterproof joint waterproof performance, mainly look at the back of the Ipxx two digits xx, the first x is from 0 to 6, the highest level is 6, the 2nd digit is from 0 to 8, the highest level is 8; Waterproof Connectors therefore the highest waterproof grade of the waterproof joint is IP68.


Why is it widely used?

With the development of technology, now we live a lot of things will be used to electricity, but the charge of something more or less on our safety will have a certain impact, so waterproof is very important, waterproof connectors can be applied to the environment with water, it has excellent sealing performance, Waterproof Connectors reliable waterproof performance. 

For example, if some equipment is to enter the water or to install underwater, then the use of waterproof connectors can not worry about the connector because of water, especially containing more chemicals to enter the water to damage the mechanical equipment problem.

The emergence of waterproof connectors can be said to be a great boon to us. It is widely used in many areas, I need to use waterproof connectors, such as industrial environment, Waterproof Connectors such as in LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting engineering, lighthouse, cruise, aviation, industrial equipment, cable, sprinkler and so on, all need to use waterproof connectors. 

Military field, because of the strict application requirements, a large number of waterproof connectors, such as submarines with connectors, submarine-launched missile connectors and so on.

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