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Key points for special medical connectors to be considered

Date:2019-08-17    source:admin


Medical device design engineers know that choosing the right medical connector can have a major impact on performance and preferences. Because the choice of the right connectors and cables can increase the durability, ease of use, safety and efficiency of the equipment, and high-quality, well-designed interconnect components play an important role in improving the effectiveness and perceived value of medical devices. And contribute to overall brand preferences.

Special surgical medical connectors are the same as in all areas of product design. Understanding the user experience is a key point in development that contributes to the overall quality and interconnectivity of the device. The intended users and uses of medical devices should influence interconnect design considerations, while regular users of medical devices such as surgeons, doctors, nurses, radiologists, EMTs, and technicians can develop performance expectations and preferences that provide important product developers with important Insights. While the technical requirements for providing equipment are critical, it is often important for clinicians to use the experience of impacting adoption, frequency of use, and equipment for future purchase decisions.

Different medical applications require different connectors. For example, the medical connectors on the hemodynamic and respiratory monitoring devices used in the ward may not require frequent mating, but the cable is always pressed by the person's foot and under the gurney. The risk of breaking, so this point is also to be noted. In addition, endoscopic medical connectors and cables must be smooth, lightweight, friction-free, and easy to clean, allowing doctors and nurses to focus on patient care rather than device management. Dental applications require excellent moisture resistance because cable management and ergonomic performance make it easier and more convenient for patients with more and more home monitors, test equipment and sleep apnea devices to operate and ensure that the device is properly connected and functioning properly .

In addition, connectors, cable assemblies, and handpieces are often the most processed components in medical devices, and the feel of connector interconnect components can affect a user's perception of quality and confidence. Carefully crafted medical connectors allow the medical practitioner's skills or device functions to be seamlessly communicated to patients, so when designing connectors for medical applications, users can be assisted by material exploration, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Beyond the scope of technical specifications.

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