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USB3.0 connector is better than 5 functions of USB2.0 connector

Date:2019-08-10    source:admin

There are many types of universal USB connectors, and the USB 3.0 connector was released in November 2008.

The USB 2.0 connector has been released for nearly 8 years. What advantages does the USB 3.0 connector have over the USB 2.0 connector?

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1. Transmission rate

The USB 2.0 connector provides a transfer rate of 480 Mbps, while the USB 3.0 connector provides a transfer rate of 4.8 Gbps, and the USB 3.0 connector provides 10 times faster than a USB 2.0 connector.

2. Physical bus

The USB 3.0 connector doubles the number of wires in the USB 2.0 connector from 4x to 8x. New connectors, such as USB 3.0 connectors, were designed because additional wires required more cable and connector space.

3. Power consumption

The USB 2.0 connector provides up to 500 mA, while the USB 3.0 connector provides up to 900 mA. Use the USB 3.0 interface to provide more power to your device when you need it, and save power when your device is connected but idle.


The USB 3.0 connector uses two unidirectional data paths, one for receiving data and one for transmission, while the USB 2.0 connector can only handle one data direction, not one-way communication.

5. Bus utilization rate

The USB 3.0 connector has new features (using the packets NRDY and ERDY) instead of the USB 2.0 connector. Its main purpose is to let the device asynchronously notify the host that it is ready.

The last thing to say is that the USB 3.0 connector provides better speed and more efficient power management than the USB 2.0 connector. Although the USB 3.0 connector is backward compatible with USB 2.0 standard devices, when these devices interoperate, the data transfer speed is limited to the USB 2.0 level.

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