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seven new features of the HDMI 1.4 model connector.

Date:2019-08-03    source:admin

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From the Blu-ray player in 2010 to the DVD player in 2012, all use the HDMI interface. More and more consumer electronics and PC manufacturers are authorized to use the HDMI interface connector, which is believed to improve and change the world's HD digital connectivity. Therefore, the future of HDMI interface connector suppliers is unstoppable. HDMI is very popular because of its powerful features. The following CNLINKO connector manufacturers mainly outline the seven new features of the HDMI1.4 model connector.

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1. HDMI Ethernet channel additional data access function enables HDMI1.4 model connector to have bidirectional high-speed transmission, Ethernet line transmission and reception data rate up to 100Mb / sec, equipped with basic IP, can connect to the Internet and other HDMI without using other Ethernet cable.

2, additional audio return channel, simply add an audio channel for the HDMI connector 1.4 model, greatly reducing the number of cable processing and uploading audio, to ensure that the audio return channel is sent to the A / V receiver audio, without Add other wires to the HDTV.

3, added another cable on the original basis, through the HDMI, HDMI1.4 defined 3D format and resolution plus the 3D effect of the standardized 3D home system, both segments have 1080p resolution

4, support 4Kx2K resolution, allowing more options and transmission standards, 3840x216024Hz / 25Hz / 30Hz / 4096x216024Hz format compatible with HDMI1.4 model connector.

5, support color space expansion, HDMI1.4 has significant improvements in digital camera color space, support AdobeYCC601, AdobeRGB and sYCC601, display bright colors when connected to a digital camera.

6. Using a micro-interface HDMI application, despite having 19 pins, the HDMI 1.4 size is approximately 50% smaller than current mini HDMI connectors, enabling portable devices with resolutions up to 1080p.

7, expand the car connection system, more automotive applications, effective HDMI 1.4 solution to solve the high temperature, vibration and noise caused by the internal wiring and wires of the car, expand the application of HDMI1.4 connector and connector supply Business requirements.

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