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Date:2017-08-24    source:admin

As everyone knows, stage lighting is an important part of the composition of the performance space. The control system of stage lighting must be able to effectively control and deployment of all lamps and harmonious artistic effect. Do you know that the lighting that we see every day is transmitted safely through power? Today, Xiao Ling recommend a product for you, absolutely durable, reliable performance!

It is ~ LP-20  90 degree waterproof connector. This waterproof connector, through the plug reinforcement design, direct plug-in lock, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance, harsh environment, outdoor lighting equipment is the best choice.

It has been widely used in the spotlight, soft lights, lantern, other lamps and other stage lighting equipment.

(Cnlinko LP-20 for stage lighting equipment )

Main features of products:

1, multi style inner core design (2-12 core), in line with the industrial needs of diversity, signal and power supply compatible matching.

2, zinc alloy elements and internal components, material, with complete electromagnetic and radio frequency interference protection.

3 、 gold-plated contacts, high strength corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, effectively deal with the temperature rise caused by the current changes.

4 、 PBT material shell, stable electrical performance, high resistance to pressure, high temperature, antiknock, corrosion resistance.

5 、 direct plug connection mode, simple and convenient operation.

6, IP67 protection level

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